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Mill26 100% hemp paper is the perfect replacement for those looking for a more eco-friendly paper product option. Traditional paper may be biodegradable, but traditional paper also requires a wealth of natural resources to produce. At Mill26, we produce the world’s very first 100% hemp paper.

One of the main advantages of 100% hemp papers is its incredible mechanical strength and hydrophobic properties. This makes it ideal for packaging, disposable food grade items, cannabis products, or even for use in arts and crafts projects.

Moreover, hemp papers are environmentally friendly. Hemp is a highly sustainable and renewable resource that requires minimal pesticides and fertilizers to grow. Unlike traditional paper made from trees, hemp paper production does not contribute to deforestation. Choosing hemp papers helps protect our forests and reduce our carbon footprint.

Papers For Sustainable Consumers

By Sustainable Creators

MILL26’s advocacy for the hemp industry to embrace sustainable products is a forward-thinking approach emphasizing environmental responsibility. By turning to hemp-based alternatives, companies can greatly diminish their ecological impact. Hemp products are highly regarded for their recyclability, biodegradability, and sustainability. Moreover, their suitability for backyard composting aligns with the principles of a circular economy, where resource use and waste are minimized. This shift not only benefits the environment but also positions MILL26 as a leader in the world developing solutions for a sustainable future.

The World’s First 100% Hemp Paper

Hemp paper’s sustainable attributes contribute to a greener paper production process and a lower carbon footprint. Best of all, hemp paper does so while also providing paper that exceeds the quality of traditional paper products. While some products use hemp fibers to some degree, Mill 26 hemp paper products are the first on the planet to be made entirely and wholly from hemp.

What Is Hemp Paper?

Hemp paper is paper constructed of hemp fibers instead of wood fibers. Hemp has natural properties that make it desirable for paper product production. The fibers have profound mechanical strength, which means hemp paper is not as prone to rips or tears. Likewise, hemp is more hydrophobic due to its tightly bound molecular structure. Therefore, hemp paper is not only strong enough to withstand force, but some water exposure also does not lead to immediate degradation.

Why Mill 26 Hemp Paper Products Are One of a Kind

All hemp paper from Mill26 is made using our near-century paper production experience. When you purchase something like our hemp bags of hemp paper rolls, these products are explicitly developed using proven technology to craft a reliable product. As the only hemp paper company with 100% hemp products, we provide one-of-a-kind hemp paper products you won’t find anywhere else.

Hemp papers are becoming increasingly popular due to their eco-friendly and sustainable nature. While there are several brands that offer hemp papers, claiming to be made entirely from hemp, it is important to note that the term “100% hemp papers” may be a bit misleading.

Typically, hemp papers are made by blending hemp fibers with other natural fibers, such as flax or cotton, to create a stronger and more versatile paper. This is where MILL26 separates itself from the competition, we wanted to do something different than anyone else could do in the world and that is why we developed a 100% hemp paper manufactured on a paper machine. 

Hemp: A More Sustainable Paper Option

Hemp paper presents a revolutionary sustainable alternative to traditional paper production methods using wood. Hemp is a renewable resource that requires minimal water, minimal fertilization, and no pesticides to grow. While trees used in paper production can take years and a wealth of resources to produce, hemp grows quickly and does not require much to become a usable, valuable raw material. Multiple hemp harvests can also occur in a year, and it doesn’t require as much space to grow.

Other hemp paper manufacturers are only including a small percentage of hemp fibers, it is common for manufacturers to include a small percentage of hemp fibers in the production process to enhance the paper’s quality, performance and sustainability. Therefore, it is rare to find papers that are made entirely from hemp fibers. MILL26’s specialized process can manufacture 100% hemp papers thicker than anyone one in the world and we are ready to work with anyone looking for sustainable paper product solutions.

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