Why Businesses Are Choosing 100% Hemp Paper Rolls Over Wood Paper

A benefit of the booming cannabis industry is the spotlight on hemp and its value as an alternative to traditional wood-pulp paper. Businesses now have access to a wide variety of wholesale hemp products that are extremely versatile, durable, and sustainable. 

These products offer environmentally conscious businesses and their customers much-wanted eco-friendly alternatives. Among these are hemp paper rolls. Mill26 is the only wholesale hemp supplier offering 100% hemp products. Their wholesale hemp paper rolls offer businesses a practical alternative to traditional paper and are perfect for printing, packaging, and general paper products.

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What Are Hemp Paper Rolls?

Individuals commonly think of paper as a byproduct of wood. As environmentalists will attest, however, the pulp and paper industry is extremely destructive to the environment. Hemp paper is an eco-friendly alternative that avoids widespread deforestation, harsh chemicals that often end up in the groundwater and waterways, and unsustainable manufacturing practices. While most hemp manufacturers use a blend of hemp fibers and wood pulp in their “hemp paper,” Mill26 manufactures only 100% hemp paper rolls.

As a wholesale hemp supplier, Mill26 sources industrial hemp plants and utilizes hemp bast. Mill26’s unique production process is more eco-friendly because paper manufacturers typically discard this fibrous outer layer of the plant’s stem. 

Using their decades’ long experience in the high-end specialty paper industry, Mill26 creates a unique, high-quality 100% hemp paper that is chemical-free and remarkably versatile. It has extraordinary mechanical strength and hydrophobic properties, making it durable and water-resistant. It’s easily recycled and composted and completely sustainable. Mill26 offers businesses the best wholesale rolls of hemp paper on the market.

How Does Buying Hemp Paper Rolls Benefit My Business?

Now, more than ever, consumers are looking for environmentally sustainable products. This thinking weighs heavily on their purchasing options, so companies that offer eco-friendly alternatives have an advantage. Hemp paper is quickly becoming the most ecologically viable alternative to traditional wood-pulp paper, so purchasing wholesale hemp paper rolls can be an excellent alternative for businesses that manufacture or utilize paper products.

6 Advantages of Hemp Paper

Whether you’re purchasing hemp paper wholesale or retail, it can benefit your business, customers, and the environment in several ways:

  1. Because of its unique fibrous composition, hemp paper is stronger and more durable than traditional paper.
  2. With low lignin content, hemp paper rolls don’t yellow like wood-pulp paper. It further eliminates the need for harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process.
  3. No harmful chemicals make Mill26 hemp paper a healthier option for products like straws, food containers, and rolling paper.
  4. Mill26 wholesale rolls of hemp paper are the highest quality and 100% hemp, unlike companies that offer a blended hemp and wood pulp paper.
  5. Mill26 is the only company making 100% hemp paper. Products made with Mill26 hemp paper are thus unique and more valuable, giving your company an edge over other businesses.
  6. Consumers often pay more for an all-natural, exceptional product they can trust.

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