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Consumers are becoming increasingly motivated to support companies that prioritize environmentally conscious and sustainable manufacturing processes. This is particularly relevant in the booming cannabis industry, where consumers often place a premium on high-quality, chemically free, and environmentally sustainable products. One such product is hemp paper. 

Mill26 is the world’s only 100% hemp paper producer, offering an array of quality hemp products for dispensaries. As a trusted dispensary supplier, Mill26 understands the importance of environmentally accountable manufacturing practices and the positive impact this has on dispensaries, consumers, and the cannabis industry.

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Why is Hemp Important for Environmental Sustainability?

Hemp is a type of cannabis plant that contains 0.3 percent or less THC, differentiating it from marijuana, which is derived from cannabis plants with greater THC content. From an environmental perspective, hemp is significant to the cannabis industry for many reasons. Each part of the hemp plant has a specific industrial purpose, making it highly efficient, ecologically sustainable, and a low-impact environmental crop. 

In a process much like traditional paper production, Mill26 uses the fibrous outer layer of the hemp plant’s stem (bast) to produce a unique 100% hemp paper. This durable paper is then used to make various recyclable hemp paper bags, rolling paper, and other hemp products for dispensaries. Since each part of the hemp plant is used, there is significantly less organic waste during hemp paper production than in traditional paper milling, which can be highly destructive to the environment.

Hemp Paper for Dispensaries

Apart from the proven sustainability and environmentally conscious production practices used to produce 100% Mill26 hemp paper, it offers dispensaries several unique advantages over traditional paper products:

  • Stronger and more durable due to its highly fibrous composition.
  • Low lignin content reduces the requirement to add harsh chemicals to the production of hemp paper.
  • The lack of harmful chemicals makes hemp paper an excellent alternative to other rolling paper brands that can contain bleach or other chemicals, for example.
  • As we have seen in the organic market, consumers are often willing to pay a little more for an all-natural quality product they can trust.

Mill26 offers other hemp products for dispensaries, including packaging alternatives that provide the same durability of hemp paper and are easily recycled or composted.

Why Choose Mill26?

Mill26 is a division of the highly respected, family-owned Cottrell Paper Company, which was founded in 1926 in Rock City Falls, New York. For nearly a century, Cottrell Paper has been widely recognized for its high-quality electrical insulation paper. 

Now, with Mill26, the company has taken deliberate steps to prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility through hemp paper products that offer a viable greener alternative to wood-pulp paper. As a premiere dispensary supplier of 100% hemp paper, Mill26 is a brand dispensaries and consumers can rely on for consistent quality and a commitment to a more sustainable future.

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