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Mill26 is not new to the hemp paper business. The company, founded in 1926, has been operating for nearly a century. Originally an electrical insulation paper company, the brand has expanded to the hemp industry. The family-owned and operated company specializes in all hemp paper products, including rolling paper.

Companies interested in hemp paper rolls can partner with Mill26 to offer customers a sustainable, all-natural product.


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What is Hemp Rolling Paper?

Hemp rolling papers come from cannabis plants. Specific types of cannabis plants are used to harvest the fibers needed to produce rolling paper. On average, hemp plants are ready for use in paper production within four to five months.

After the fibers are removed from the hemp plant, the hemp is cleaned and processed into pulp. Cleaned hemp fibers removed from the plant are mechanically beaten until they are turned to pulp. Only water is added during processing, with no additives or chemicals. Once rolled and dried into paper form, the hemp can be cut into rolling papers.

The Advantages of Hemp Paper Rolls

Hemp papers offer an all-natural alternative to rolling paper. When lit, hemp paper rolls don’t expose users to harmful chemicals. Lightweight but sturdy, hemp burns slowly and even. The papers come in various sizes to suit any consumer preferences.

Hemp papers appeal to cannabis users because it’s considered healthier than rolling papers made from bleached paper. Since hemp is made from cannabis, you’re using paper made from the same plant that you’re smoking.

Sustainability of Hemp Rolling Paper

Hemp rolling papers offer a sustainable and environmentally conscious alternative to other types of rolls. Hemp plants grow rapidly, usually within a few months. In comparison, trees must usually grow for at least five years before the fibers can be turned into paper pulp. Trees used in paper production may be exposed to pesticides. The hemp plants from Mill26 are never treated with harmful pesticides or fertilizers.

Hemp paper rolls won’t contribute to deforestation. Hemp grows rapidly and protects trees from getting cut down due to paper manufacturing. Hemp paper produces less solid waste, greenhouse gases, and water waste than wood paper. Another surprising attribute of hemp is that the plants absorb more CO2 than any other crops used to produce paper.

Where to Find Mill26 Hemp Paper Rolls

Where to Find Hemp Rolling Paper from Mill26

Mill26 specializes in producing a variety of hemp paper products, including bags, rolling paper, sheets, drinking straws, and more. Companies can reach out directly to the sales department to discuss specific product needs. Our brand offers plenty of customization options as well, such as logo printing on hemp paper products. Any paper from Mill26 won’t contain fillers—a rare find in the hemp paper industry.

Contact us anytime with questions about our hemp products, including paper rolls, bags, and other custom products. Order in quantities of 1,000 or more for bulk savings.

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