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Hemp paper bags from Mill26 are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper bags. Made from 100% hemp fibers, they offer numerous benefits. Most notably, hemp is known for strength and durability, making it ideal for packaging and transporting items.

Mill26 provides affordable pricing for all your bulk hemp bag ordering needs. You can purchase the bags customized or in any of the standard colors available.


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What are Hemp Bags?

The hemp bags from Mill26 are produced from the fibers of cannabis plants. Cannabis plants intended for hemp production are grown specifically to harvest the fibers. After planting, hemp plants typically can be harvested four months later.

The production of hemp paper requires fewer chemicals than traditional paper processing. Cleaned hemp fibers removed from the plant get mechanically beaten until the fibers get turned to pulp. The pulp gets mixed with water and then dried to form sheets of pulp paper. The paper then gets cut and folded into the preferred size and shape.

The Advantages of Hemp Paper Bags

A surprising advantage of hemp paper bags is the strength of the material. Hemp is naturally sturdy and can withstand heavy loads. You can fill the paper bags from Mill26 without worrying about rips or breaking. Our company offers a variety of sizes, accommodating small to large items.

Hemp paper bags have a built-in resistance to water. A common complaint when using paper bags is that when they get wet, they tend to rip. Hemp bags can carry liquids without the customer worrying about tears.

Sustainability of Hemp Paper Bags

Hemp paper bags are environmentally friendly. The bags from Mill26 don’t come from hemp plants treated with harmful pesticides or fertilizers. The materials are biodegradable and will break down naturally without harming the environment. In comparison, plastic bags fill up landfills and take around 300 years to degrade fully. As plastic breaks down, harmful toxins are released into the soil and water.

Unlike traditional paper made from trees, hemp paper production does not contribute to deforestation. Manufacturers also use less water to make the bags. Hemp plants grow quickly—making them a more sustainable choice for paper bags. Unlike the extended timeframe needed for traditional paper bags, hemp fibers go through harvesting within a few short months.

Where to Find Mill26 Hemp Paper Bags

If you’re interested in purchasing hemp paper bags, choose Mill26. Our company offers a wide range of sustainable and high-quality personalization options. All bags from our brand come from pure hemp fibers without any additives.

Although our most popular size is the standard 3″ x 5″ x 10, we accommodate most size orders. You can customize the appearance of the paper bags by choosing up to four printing colors. You can print your logo or other information on one or both sides of the hemp paper bags.

Contact us anytime with questions about our hemp products, including paper rolls and bags.

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