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Hemp is one of the most sustainable and versatile products on the planet. We use it in everything from textiles to construction materials, and now this highly durable plant is being touted as a viable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood-pulp paper. Hemp business cards are the perfect way to showcase your company’s dedication to the environment with a customizable product that not only stands out but is enduring, yet easily recycled or composted.

Hemp business cards from Mill26


Learn More About Hemp Business Cards

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a cannabis plant with trace amounts of THC. Hemp differs from cannabis sold in dispensaries for medical or recreational use that contains higher THC levels. While hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years for textiles and paper, among other things, its resurgence is thanks to its superior fiber composition and proven sustainability. Every part of this incredibly fast-growing resilient plant has a specific industrial purpose, including its flowers, seeds, stems, and roots. This makes hemp not only an especially efficient crop for industrial use, but also ecologically sustainable. It further has a low environmental impact as it requires less water and pesticides than other plants, and producers can harvest it annually.

Mill26 uses hemp bast, the often-discarded outer layer of the plant’s stem, to produce an exceptional 100% hemp paper that is perfect for sustainable business cards because of its durability and environmentally friendly qualities. Since the entire plant is utilized, hemp-paper production results in significantly less organic waste compared to traditional paper milling, which can have dire repercussions for the environment.

Why Choose Hemp Business Cards?

Consumers increasingly expect companies to back up their promises with actions, particularly in relation to commitments to environmentally sustainable business practices. Mill26, a division of the much-respected Cottrell Paper Company, has done just that. Founded in 1926, this family owned and operated paper company in Rock City Falls, New York, has used its vast knowledge as a specialty paper manufacturer to develop a 100% hemp paper that is extremely strong, eco-friendly, and reliably sustainable.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Hemp Business Cards?

Customers often see business cards as a direct representation of a company. In a time when environmental concerns top the list of many consumers, handing customers hemp or hemp blend business cards can leave a lasting impression. These sustainable business cards are a constant reminder of a company’s commitment to the environment. Here are more advantages of eco friendly business cards:

  • 100% hemp paper has extraordinary mechanical strength and hydrophobic properties, so hemp business cards are extremely pliable, durable, and water-resistant.
  • Hemp or hemp blend business cards have a smaller carbon footprint because they don’t require deforestation.
  • Hemp has a low lignin content, which reduces the need for harsh chemicals during paper production.


Why Choose Mill26?

Mill26 is the only paper-production company providing 100% hemp paper products. The company is recognized for its exceptional, customizable, high-quality products and is dedicated to advancing innovation and environmental sustainability. For more information and other hemp-paper products, visit Mill26.

Hemp business cards from Mill26

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